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Every vehicle was designed with either shocks or struts. A vehicles suspension cannot be changed to use the other.
The difference between shocks and struts is that a strut is part of the structural part of the vehicles suspension where a shock is not.

Shocks and struts are also a vital part of your vehicle. They can cause uneven tire wear, wandering in the steering and vehicle
handling instability issues.

Struts can wear slowly over time and can lose their gas and hydraulic buffering. As your vehicle gets older, you will notice that your
vehicle doesn't take the uneven road surface or bumps in the road as well as it use too. This is a good indicator that your struts are wearing. There may not be any visible leaks, but the struts and shocks are becoming weaker.

Ebel's Auto Repair is a Strut and Shock expert. Bring your car, truck, or SUV in for a Strut Shock and Suspension inspection. Most vehicles we can have done in a day. Call or come by today, No appointment needed!

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