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Full-Service Auto Brake Repair Near Me, for the Most Important Part of Your Ride



Everybody knows that a car that won’t start is a problem. But a car that won’t stop- now that’s just plain unacceptable. Here at Ebel’s Auto Repair in Spokane, WA- our goal is to keep your brake system fully functioning with a wide margin for mechanical error. When you need auto brake repair ‘near me’, you need Ebel’s Auto Repair.




At Ebel’s, you get it all, front brake pad replacement, full brake pad replacement, rotor replacement and resurfacing brake fluid checks, top offs and replacement, and more.




Our team understands the tremendous forces your brakes must endure just to do their job normally. That’s why we take brakes extra seriously. After all, if your brakes aren’t working well, you might not get here, and we can’t have that.




So if you are looking for reliable auto brake repair ‘near me’, we’ve got you covered in more ways than just one!

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