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Trust Your Ride to Spokane’s Leading Master Certified Mechanic and Auto Tune Up Service

Today’s modern automotive service garage is full of computer powered probes, sensors, gauges, and diagnostic shortcuts of all kinds. Don’t get us wrong, there’s a lot to be said about all the advanced tech available to the modern garage- and we make good use of it.




But if you want the most reliable guarantee of top quality service and repairs, you want to work with a garage run by a mechanic with more than three decades of professional service experience. Our lead master mechanic has been doing the work that mechanics trained today cannot do without a room full of computerized help.




Our master certified mechanic knows cars through and through. He knows the sounds, he knows the shakes, and the shimmies- and he’s seen it all a 1000 times.




Call Ebel’s Auto Repair in Spokane, WA- and put your ride in the best hands. For the best in auto tune up and repair services, you can’t go wrong with Ebel’s.

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